About Small & Kind

Small & Kind was formed in 2019 under the name Kinder + Kodomo. I recently chose to change the name to more clearly reflect what this store is really about.

Small, because this is a kids' store, and kids are small. This is also a small business that helps to support other small businesses.

When it comes to kindness, every purchase supports one of our four pillars or kindness. Think of them as the four pillars of hip-hop but for shopping small.

Kind to the planet.

This shop began in 2019 selling exclusively vintage kids' clothing, and it continues to be a staple of the brand. I believe strongly that buying preloved clothing for ourselves and our children is the best way to shop, and one of the easiest ways that we can help the planet.

When it comes to the new products in the shop, you won't find any AliExpress here. When searching for brands to carry, I make sure I know where they're coming from. If they're made here in Canada or in the US, that's great! If they're made abroad, who makes them? Are they paid fairly? What are the working conditions? 

Kind to others.

When I started carrying small brands in the shop, it was important to me to provide a platform for creators that I thought were doing good things through their brand. Brands like Shop Emmylou and Little Human Expression for example, centre their brands on social justice, and through their products, open the discussion of racism and inequality to children and their families. I want to carry products by folks who are putting good out into the world.

Kind to those in need.

Small & Kind often uses a portion of profits to donate to important causes. One of our favourites is BabyGoRound, a Vancouver area organization that provides baby goods to families in need. If you are ordering local pickup, and agree to bring a gently used baby item to your pickup, you can use the code BABYGOROUND15 to take 15% off your order.

Other organizations we have supported include Aunt Leah's Place, and the Indian Residential School Survivors Society.

Kind to you.

To be able to shop small is a privilege. One of the most important things to me when it comes to my shop, is keeping the prices of preloved and vintage clothing down. One of the main reasons I started shopping preloved was the price. I couldn't justify a lot of small shop prices for my own children, but didn't feel right about supporting fast fashion brands. I want to help make the decision to shop here easier, so the prices of preloved and vintage will always be lower than the small shop market average.